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test tube news ~ #021 ~ oct 2010

test tube news ~ #021 ~ oct 2010


OMG! I can't believe that we don't issue a newsletter since August 2009... but it's true. SO many things happened since then.
Let me try to sum it up and at the same time excuse myself for being a lazy bastard.

Shortly after August 2009's newsletter, I teamed up with a friend and started working as a bike messenger (or bicycle courier, depending where you live) some few hours each day. Needless to say that if it's a tough job in most flat cities, imagine it in Lisbon where you have some respectable climbing to do. But anyway, even if it was for a few hours each day - and rarely every day of the week - I usually got home pretty much phisically exhausted, and also psicologically. It's a bit of a mind game too, avoiding cars and pedestrians while trying to be on time with delivery packages. I ended up not having enough motivation to sit in front of the computer and churn out four releases a month like before.
Also, I have a small kid (now 4 yr old) that required constant attention, at least before he started going to the pre-school, which happened just this year in April... also, my wife was pregnant again (my new boy was born September 11).
So... all this didn't left me a decent amount of spare time to work with test tube liek before. Oh, and more! I also started a 'test tube spin-off', Impulsive Habitat, with a couple of artist friends, David Vélez and Juan Jose Calarco (James McDougall joined recently). So lots of stuff going on, eh.

Excuses are made, I hope. Now with the good stuff.

I quit the bike messenger thing a month ago, for obvious reasons. Although it was loads of fun, it didn't get me decent amounts of money vs. time and energy spent pedalling the bikes, and it also took a bite of valuable daytime. Now, I love riding my bicycles, I do, and still ride them almost every day during my commute, shopping, taking care of business, etc. The motivation from riding as courier was awesome, but when we have other priorites in life, you relativize every stuff you do.

Enter 2011.

With two kids (one in pre-school 'till 16h30), some spare time for daily rides and time spent in making money, I think I can put test tube up to full speed again. At least 3 releases per month, which is a great average for a netlabel, I believe it is possible given my current life and available time. I wish I had more time for other stuff like a (more) regular newsletter, promote live events and work on physical releases (a project I have on my head for some years now...), but alas, we work with what we have. And what we have is good as it is.

So, without further delay, take a deep breath and behold the mosaic of all the releases test tube put out since last newsletter. It's a lot of releases, I know, but there are people out there that I guess rely on the newsletter to know what they're been missing.

Enjoy and catch you later, then.



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