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«Voder is the solo outfit of Paul Nadin, coming from Worthing, UK, who started producing sounds under the alias back in 2008. Paul has released some very interesting works ever since, through some of the nicest labels out there, like Just Not Normal and Distance Recordings.

'Cheepnis' is Paul Nadin's most recent work and roughly inspired by Frank Zappa's album 'Roxy and Elsewhere', from 1974. Paul's words: "This album is a tribute to the music of Frank Zappa and is, in particular, my alternative audio interpretation of the story Frank tells in the song 'Cheepnis' from the album 'Roxy and Elsewhere'. The song details Frank's love of 50's B-rated horror movies and tells the story of a giant poodle called Frunobulax that attacks a community of people, and the resulting fallout.'

This work is an amazing trip throughout several layers of electric guitar-based ambient, drones, field recordings and soundscapes, with every second of it bursting with guitar effects and synths. Recorded live in 2013.»
- test tube


01 The peasants in the area
  [3'47'' • 7,01Mb • VBR]
02 Forming up at the base of the mountain frunobulax in the distance
  [6'53'' • 13,4Mb • VBR]
03 Bullets can't stop it, rockets can't stop it
  [4'43'' • 8,51Mb • VBR]
04 Go to the shelter my baby, my baby
[1'24'' • 2,93Mb • VBR]
05 Nuclear force
  [3'58'' • 7,60Mb • VBR]
06 The shelter
  [4'18'' • 8,79Mb • VBR]
  [PDF-Zip • 1,58Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 49,8Mb]


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