Runtime: 43'11''

«The very last release of 2013 comes from a past test tube collaborator, Ilia Belorukov, who has amazed us before with works such as 'Still Fire' (tube147) made in partnership with Philip Croaton.
Belorukov has a remarkable curriculum of releases, with many works put out by Clinical Archives, Nexsound and other outstanding labels.

Belorukov's 'thing' is very much into Electro-acoustics, free improvisation, free jazz and similar disciplines. He plays the saxophone (tenor, alto and baritone) as well as the flute. In this release he plays alto saxophone, enhanced with effect pedals and teams up with long time partner Andrey Popovskiy who plays the electric guitar with plenty of effects and also does some objects.

'Objectus Binominis' does not disappoint and has plenty of stuffing in its noise and drone textures to please every electro-acoustic and experimental music buff out there. I think it is safe to say that here at test tube we end up the year in big style.

Enjoy it and have a great 2014!»
- test tube


01 Flavus
  [11'05'' • 14,8Mb • VBR]
02 Silvaticus
  [9'49'' • 14,4Mb • VBR]
03 Responsum
  [8'53'' • 12,6Mb • VBR]
04 Additionalis
[13'24'' • 17,4Mb • VBR]
  [PDF-Zip • 1,45Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 59,7Mb]


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