Runtime: 52'30''

«'Language of Steel' gives the idea of modern and simplistic instrumental industrial music but it is also a return to an early emotional side on top of which the genre was built over since Trent Reznor turned itself into an ubiquous rockstar. But it also goes deeper, and tries to capture a sense of the abstract, arbitrary dark ambient that the nineties witnessed emerge in northern europe. 'Language of Steel' is all this, plus it has plenty of filtered out both electric and bass guitars. And if you pay really good attention, sometimes it even touches post rock territory. This is a kind of visceral slowed-down guitar based ambient that will leave you uneasy for sure.

'Language of Steel' comes from two of the same guys that brought you 'The Dark Ages of Technology' back in 2007 (tube090), Doc.AtmosfearCrush and Tomahawk plus another member of the [Esc.] Laboratory family, Harlequin. For the likes of you that need labels to go around, maybe we could call this something like 'evolved ambient industrial music'.»
- test tube


01 Defibrilation (part A)
  [3'30'' • 6,75Mb • VBR]
02 Defibrilation (part B)
  [7'50'' • 14,6Mb • VBR]
03 Injurz
  [8'23'' • 15,6Mb • VBR]
04 Strangers
[6'14'' • 11,7Mb • VBR]
05 The Swarm
  [12'27'' • 23,0Mb • VBR]
06 Ususal
  [8'34'' • 16,0Mb • VBR]
07 Freedom Decoder
  [5'32'' • 10,4Mb • VBR]
  [PDF-Zip • 2,09Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 92,2Mb]


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