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«Ceptual a.k.a. A Sankip Hummad a.k.a. Desmond Hollins is returning to test tube to present his new and amazing work made in the realms of experimental ambient. 'Songs for the sun' is an ambitious experiment in which Desmond mixes all his musical knowledge ranging from hip-hop to IDM to ambient music.

The outcome is a outstandingly rich collection of tunes that will make you dream and smile. Think Boards of Canada, think Folktronica, think early Brian Eno. Now think of something completely different. Yeah. Think about strolling about in your favorite woods or forest, looking above at the tree canopy... see the sun beams cracking through the leaves? Now imagine the perfect soundtrack for that (other than the nature itself, of course) and well, this is it.

Desmond has previously released as Ceptual for Miasmah and others, and as A Sankip Hummad here and here
- test tube


01 Past memories
  [5'24'' • 9,14Mb • VBR]
02 Butterfly recession
  [3'58'' • 5,87Mb • VBR]
03 The Mayan predictions
  [2'36'' • 4,40Mb • VBR]
04 Vasnao Gil Firma
[3'52'' • 6,59Mb • VBR]
05 Plait the sky
  [0'55'' • 1,47Mb • VBR]
06 Oy Gan Durrelli Faminhil
  [3'26'' • 5,50Mb • VBR]
07 Distant signals
  [2'10'' • 3,52Mb • VBR]
08 Awaken earth
  [3'34'' • 5,59Mb • VBR]
09 Rituals
  [2'23'' • 4,35Mb • VBR]
10 Rise
  [1'33'' • 2,56Mb • VBR]
11 Beams through the canopy
  [5'12'' • 8,93Mb • VBR]
12 Our annual subscriber
  [2'53'' • 4,16Mb • VBR]
13 Kite trails and good soil
  [2'58'' • 5,15Mb • VBR]
14 Pastures
  [5'08'' • 5,39Mb • VBR]
  [PDF-Zip • 4,41Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 76,3Mb]


«Desmond Hollins has been putting out some intriguing music over the last five years or so. You may know his music from the aliases of  A Sankip Hummad or Ceptual or Katrah-Quey, but regardless of the moniker, the music has been exceptional. Hollins latest release is Songs for the Sun on test tube. Gone are the subtle beats and the jazzy-feel of his earlier releases. Instead Hollins keeps his experimentation alive with various sound distortions and intentionally incomplete and choppy melodies. Songs for the Sun lies somewhere in the beach swirls of dawn and the lazy loops of an afternoon nap.»
- David Nemeth [Acts of Silence] / September 12, 2011

«Nuevamente Test Tube nos ofrece otra joya de ambient. Ceptual es uno de los alias de Desmond Hollins, un artista que ya ha pasado por este netlabel y otros sitios como Miasmah. Ahora nos presenta su nuevo álbum orientado al ambient mas optimista, con un sonido orgánico, abierto y fluido. Sintetizadores con un toque experimental van llenando aun mas con detalles esta obra. Ideal para descansar la mente después de un día agitado. Excelente
- Música Selection / August 14, 2011

«Ceptual es ya veterano publicando música en netlabels, lo ha hecho en varios y bajo diferentes nombres como A Sankip Hummad, Desmond Hollins o el que aquí nos ocupa, Ceptual. Este es un excelente trabajo de ambient luminoso y optimista, influenciado por la IDM o la indietrónica en el uso de algunos sintetizadores, pero sin alejarse en ningún momento del ambient con un sonido minimalista muy cuidado. Hoy que es domingo de resaca me viene que ni pintado.»
- Oír para creer / August 07, 2011

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