Runtime: 24'37''

«Hailing from the USA is Michael Simpkins with his Kendall Station ambient project. Not much is known about this except for an excellent previous release on Endless Ascent 'Nebulae and Gridlock' and that maybe Michael grabbed the name from a well known train station at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Anyway, 'Mend' was a bit of long time waiting in line for the release schedule, but finally it came around and oh what a nice little EP it is! The first three tracks are pure light (as opposed to dark) ambient, something that Kendall Station works quite well. Fourth and last track 'Barge' is a short piece reminiscent of the calmest and most instrospective moments scottish act Boards of Canada had to offer in their days. Works a bit like an outroduction and works quite well in it. Perfect release for the spring days to come. Be sure to listen to this with you eyes closed or while contemplating a nature scene.» - test tube


01 Mend
  [9'04'' • 20,9Mb • 320Kbps]
02 Lift
  [8'13'' • 19,0Mb • 320Kbps]
03 Crest
  [4'06'' • 9,64Mb • 320Kbps]
04 Barge
[3'14'' • 7,65Mb • 320Kbps]
  [PDF-Zip • 3,49Mb]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 56,1Mb]


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