Runtime: 2'44''/n.a.

«'Scotthaven' / Photos by Nathan Slover / Music by Wesley Slover

About the Project:
Two brothers, a photographer and musician, set out to use their disciplines to tell a story. Although it started with wanting to communicate a story, their interest shifted to the challenge of creating a story that is non-linear. 'Scotthaven' is that story. It documents time spent in a house that has been virtually unaffected by the last twenty years. A lot is left to the imagination of the listener, so enjoy your stay in Scotthaven.

How to listen to 'Scotthaven':
Since the story is non-linear it is designed to be played on random and repeat. To do this in iTunes create a playlist (command n), add the mp3s, set your desired crossfade time in preferences (anything works, play around with it!) and turn on random and repeat.
You can also arrange the piece yourself, so feel free to experience it how you want. Nicely done!»
- The Strait of Anain


01 Scotthaven 01
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
02 Scotthaven 02
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
03 Scotthaven 03
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
04 Scotthaven 04
[0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
05 Scotthaven 05
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
06 Scotthaven 06
  [0'14'' • 548Kb • 192Kbps]
07 Scotthaven 07
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
08 Scotthaven 08
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
09 Scotthaven 09
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
10 Scotthaven 10
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
11 Scotthaven 11
  [0'15'' • 559Kb • 192Kbps]
  all tracks + artwork
  [Zip • 105Mb]


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